Friday, February 10, 2012

"I Couldn't Imagine Anything As Ugly As Los Angeles"

“It was so damned ugly I was physically sick for about a year. I’d been used to … everything beautiful, and here everything’s ugly. I couldn’t imagine doing anything as ugly as Los Angeles.”

-- John Lautner, Architect 

THIS MIGHT be of interest, considering our discussion about the odd physicality of L.A.'s built landscape.

Here is a link to a pretty interesting radio piece about the architect, John Lautner, whose structures you've seen in films -- or sprouting out of the earth in the hills of L.A  There are midcentury bachelor pads,  glass and wood hideaways, Space-Age perches. When I mentioned the film A Single Man (based on the Christopher Isherwood novel)  last week, it's a Lautner house that most of the film is set in. (If you've seen The Big Lebowski, there's a Lautner in that too) Gorgeous windows open out onto canyon trees -- that lush indoor/outdoor life that L.A. is known for.

Above is a promo for a documentary about Lautner, from which the above quote was taken.


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