Monday, February 6, 2012

Kings of Los Angeles

IN LOS ANGELES, sports teams can make or break our days sometimes. With Dodger disappointments and the Lakers aging faster than ever, some might argue that all attention is pointed towards the Clippers. I would argue that the Los Angeles Kings should get some credit in our city. I have attended three games in the past month and I have been impressed by what I have seen. Specifically, the Kings recently beat the Ottawa Senators 4-1 and upon leaving the game I felt exhausted. From the opening ceremony, which matched the Canadian National Anthem against the U.S. National Anthem, I could tell it would be an entertaining night. As soon as the U.S. National Anthem began, applause filled the air with patriotism. Then the opening puck was dropped and play began. Within minutes there was a fight among players, between breaks in action there was fan engagement and contests, and by halftime the Kings commanded the lead. With a new head coach the Kings have been playing inspired, and attending their games has been something I ignorantly looked beyond when researching games at Staples Center. Don't get me wrong, the Lakers are still my favorite attraction in town, but the Kings have slowly crept to number two on my list.

-- Art Flores

Photo: Los Angeles Kings
Credit:  Art Flores

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