Friday, February 17, 2012

L.A. "Booster": Blogroll

Here is the formal list of works-in-progress our L.A. Scribes are hard at work on:

Derek Dellovo:
Roy Choi, the mastermind behind Kogi BBQ, has created an expanding business and become one of the most popular food truck franchises in Los Angeles. His fusion of Asian/Hispanic cuisine is representative of the city from which he resides; modern, exciting and desired. He has turned a simple idea into a Los Angeles icon, and cemented his importance in the city.

Allie Flinn:
Ani Phyo is a raw food chef and author. She co-founded SmartMonkey Foods in Los Angeles in 1999, but moved it to Portland, Oregon from 2003-2006 when Phyo moved there to get away from her hectic Los Angeles lifestyle, but she couldn’t stay away for long. Inspired by the organic farm she and her family had growing up, along with discovering eating raw foods helped with her mental clarity and general well-being, led Phyo to be involved with the Pedal Patch Community. This organization taught at risk youth how to garden and make food in urban areas.

Art Flores:
I am going to be covering Fr. Greg Boyle’s journey as the founder of Homeboy Industries.  I am going to gathering information about where he was during the 1992 riots, and how that led him to create his non-profit.  I am going to ask Fr. Boyle about the sustainability of Homeboy Industries.  Lastly, I want to get his opinion on Homeboy Industries after he’s gone, and how it will favor in his absence.

Michael Flores:
A profile on Edward Ruscha  and how Los Angeles influences his art, but also how his art may influence LA. I would like to know how the changing landscape of our city and the impact of American expressionism acts as a muse for his art. 

Elise Fornaca:
 Larry Welk III has lived his entire life in the heart of LA’s television.  His grandfather, Lawrence Welk, started the Lawrence Welk Show in 1951.  This was the place where his mother, Tanya Welk, got her start as a cast member, and met and fell in love with his father Lawrence Welk Jr. Being a native Angelo, Larry has seen the rise and fall of LA’s television industry throughout the years.  As such, he has always been fascinated with capturing the true essence of Los Angeles. Because of this passion, Larry started the Little Angel Air company, in which he runs all of the helicopters for news and radio stations in the Los Angeles area.  He covers anything from the terrible LA traffic to car speed cases and fires. Throughout his career, Larry has seen the true landscape of LA and has exposed the cracks beneath the surface.  In this profile is want to expose Larry’s passion for what he does, as well as, why he has chosen LA to fly over every day.   
 Nastassja Habers:
For my L.A. Booster piece I will be writing on Alli Beckman. Her family owns BRS, a rigging company for the entertainment industry. BRS has worked on movies such as Spider Man, Men in Black, and The Green Lantern, and has also set up stages for the rave EDC, Rock the Bells, and Lil’ Wayne. Alli Beckman has even done a few stunts and played extra roles in some of the movies her family business works on. She is connected to L.A because she is connected to L.A’s most notorious industry, the entertainment industry. Alli Beckman’s heart resides in Los Angeles.

Mickala Jauregui
Robert Santilli always had an inner desire to work with the homeless, to help make a difference in their lives, there was only one problem he was afraid of coming face to face with them and he was ashamed to admit it. Now, Santilli volunteers weekly at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood. He is the correspondence between his Service Organization, Magis and the church. This food pantry in Hollywood has helped Santilli follow his passion and for that he is more than thankful, he is devoted.

Jennifer   Pellerito:
Lorena Chavez is a Los Angeles native who currently works at Loyola Marymount’s Center for Service and Action. She is a liaison between LMU and the communities that the university supports. Not only does she work for social justice, she also provides mentorship and guidance for many individual LMU students. Lorena is oriented toward helping others and changing the world around her. 

Julian Portera:
A ten-time champion youth basketball coach, Vice Principal Cornelius has taught and coached at over 5 different high schools over the course of his career, and oh yeah…he’s only 25. Vice Principal Cornelius is also Officer Cornelius when he enters Staples Center. In my piece, I plan to delve into Mr. Cornelius’s life in Los Angeles and the parallels between being a teacher, coach, and Department of Homeland Security Officer. 

Caroline Queen: 
Lindsay William-Ross, writer for the "hippest" Los Angeles blog, LAist. My angle is to uncover what exactly separates this blog from all of the other L.A. Blogs out there and why, if it is actually, the hippest Los Angeles blog. I will discuss the history and idea behind the blog, as well as lindsay's unique perspective on and love for Los Angeles. I am also going to delve Into An exploration of the idea that as a blogger, the entirety of Los Angeles is your office.

Carey Uhl:
 Paul Harris serves as a prime example of an Angeleno because of his diverse interests.  Not only is he an educator, a critic, Chair of the English Department, a scholar of time, and free thinker, he also is a servant of his city who actively pursues social justice.  Last year, he initiated a community based learning course that studied homelessness in LA and forced students to volunteer at homeless shelters and food banks.  He's a true Angelenohat actively tries to better his city by community involvement and education, which makes him a great candidate for a booster profile.

Jordan Younger:
Chuck Rosenthal is an American novelist and short story writer who has published seven novels and a memoir since the 1980s. He teaches English at Loyola Marymount University (and specifically he is my Fiction Writing Workshop professor). He is connected to Los Angeles because he is a part of the L.A. literary world in the writing and publishing aspects, and he is also married to poet Gail Wronsky.

Looking forward to the final project!

-- L.G.

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