Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dreams From Bunker Hill

Millard Sheets’ Angel’s Flight (1931) 

WE TALKED a little bit the other night about Bunker Hill and what's left of it We will look more at the neighborhood in the coming weeks,  but I wanted to share some images of Angel's Flight.

Remember in Criss Cross when Anna was listening in the as Steve and Slim made plans for the big heist? As she was pacing, in the window behind her you could catch a glimpse of the Angel's Flight Railway, a  funicular that, even today, makes the trip up the steep hill connecting Hill Street to Grand Avenue at Third. 

Anna (Yvonne DiCarlo)  in Criss Cross, 1948 image via "Angel's Flight Goes to the Movies"

The Railway has had a complicated history -- you can go here to read more about its  ups and downs, both literally and figuratively -- it has had its own set of tragic noir-esque tales.

Angel's Flight Today Image via Wikipedia

"I walked down the street to­wards An­gel's Flight, won­der­ing what I would do that day. But there was noth­ing to do, and so I de­cid­ed to walk around the town."
                                      -- John Fante  from Ask the Dust

 I'll leave you with a little slice of Bunker Hill from Criss Cross . . . .


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