Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Echo Park Goes To Hollywood, Sort of ....

ACCORDING TO an exclusive on the site Deadline Hollywood, Brando Skyhorse's (yes, that's right) novel, The Madonnas of Echo Park is making its way to HBO. It involves Echo Park gentrification which we will be talking more about tonight. From Deadline Hollywood:

 The project, to be written by award-winning playwright Julia Cho, takes a look at the lives of a community in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Los Angeles. It explores the relationships -– romantic, professional, familial –- of the Latinos that have built the community over the years, and the hipsters who’re making their way in now, examining the complicated dynamic between the two as they struggle to build new lives for themselves in pursuit of the American dream.

You can read the whole story here.

I have it on my book pile, but have yet to crack it. I too, a former Echo Park resident, watched first-hand as the neighborhood began to shape-shift -- a very awkward dance. It will be interesting to see how this very uncomfortable story of money and land that is happening in real time, gets interpreted for your home flatscreen.

To be continued...

-- L.G.

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