Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Downtown to The Sea -- Eventually

THE METRO  Expo Line is (FINALLY) due to open on April 28th,  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced yesterday Test and press rides this weekend. It's the first leg of a highly-contested stretch of rail that will snake through the westside of Los Angeles, much of it on existing railroad ties.

 The video above "imagines" what the *next* step of the ride will look like as is presses further westward in Santa Monica. It's a kick for me to watch this as it slides through landmarks I grew up seeing and often wondered what was behind or under "there."

I'd be happy to feel as if *all* of L.A. were mine again, in that it was still a thick collection of short stories I could dip in and out of when I like and in any order.

-- L.G.


  1. that was beautiful. and to see so much of the old original red line (or was it blue line?) track has survived... wow.

  2. Isn't i? I'd have to double check on what rail lines those are. However, I do remember when they did run freight trains down near La Cienega and Jefferson where the elevated light rail is now, so my guess it is a network of old lines they are using to thread west. I'll be very happy to be out of my car and enjoying this way of seeing the city from a different perspective.