Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Genius Loci: Fountains

Peace on Earth Fountain at The Music Center Plaza - Downtown

Department of Water and Power - Downtown
Playa Vista

The Gateway Pool and Water Wall at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral - Downtown

A Rose for Lily at The Walt Disney Concert Hall - Downtown

The wall portion cascading to the lower level

Top portion of fountain at The Ford Amphitheatre - Hollywood

Los Angeles is a city on the water with a checkered past about it's techniques in getting sustainable water for the city. With this in mind, if you take a good look around you will see hundreds of tributes to water all around the city. They are both beautiful and can make you wonder, in a city that has had so much trouble with water why are there so many possibly useless fountains? To me, that question is Los Angeles and some of these fountains have functions and some of them are just beautiful works of art but they all have some sort of history.

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