Friday, April 6, 2012

Rock & Brews: El Segundo

I WORK for an independent company in El Segundo called Gravitas Ventures, which distributes independent films to Video On Demand websites such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Working in El Segundo can be quite a treat. This small town atmosphere provides several mom and pop shops that you can browse through when you walk the streets on a sunny afternoon. I always find myself walking to a new venue for lunch because trying new food has always been a hobby of mine. Recently, the Rock & Brews restaurant, located off bustling Main St. has been under construction for quite sometime.  They expanded the patio, added a barn-like structure to protect everyone from the elements, built in heaters, outdoor bathrooms, and a HUGE new bar.

There are 52 beer taps offering variety and options for any rock enthusiast. The beer board is now a TV monitor that rotates what is currently available. Lining the walls are logos from Rock n' Rolls elite: The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Kiss, and many more. This is more than just a brewery with popular bands plastered on the walls. Gene Simmons, popular front man of the band, Kiss, has taken an investment in this restaurant. While he has many other business ventures, Simmons is excited that this one revolves around family and food. 

Rock & Brews had a quiet opening earlier this week and on Tuesday, April 3, they had their grand opening. Film trucks lined the streets as camera men and video operated ran up and town transferring equipment and props in and out of the restaurant. The grand opening honors the nation's veterans in an event called, "The Wounded Warriors Project." At it, veterans will be wine and dined to the tunes of their favorite rock stars.

Gene Simmons will be making a live guest appearance beginning at 6:00pm and the doors will open to the public at 8:00pm for the start of the Grand Opening. While I was not able to get tickets to this event, Rock & Brews has captivated my eye with their design and their menu and I will definitely be grabbing a bite to eat here very soon. 

Photo Credit: Rock & Brews


  1. Thanks for the tip! Now I want to check it out too!!

  2. This sounds great! I'm so glad you put this up!

  3. I went there last Wednesday and I must say it was pretty fun. However,I went before the remodel and I really do not see why they took so much time, not changing very much. It was still half outside and half covered, however the barn structure is much more assuring then the plastic tarp they had before. I do like the new bar and my husband was bale to scan the bar code on the menu and see all of their 52 beers on his phone. I also appreciate that they dropped their prices, $12 for a personal pizza is a little steep for my pocket.