Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hidden L.A.

A FEW responses to guest speaker W. Lynn Garrett, creator of hiddenla.com:

“I see it not as a city but as a country with many villages.”
I think this is an apt description. It captures how vastly different neighboring areas of L.A. are but also that within one city there are lots of communities, areas and groups that are tight-knit and have their own cultures.

The L.A. River
I learned a lot about the river from Garrett. It was especially fascinating to watch the video of people kayaking and canoeing down the river – I had no idea that was possible. It’s wild to think that you can experience that right in the middle of a desert city.

“Go to work, come home, go to work, come home.”
This also captures the experience of many Los Angeles residents. This unbroken routine of is part of the reason there’s so much of the city that is hidden to us, that we don’t see or only see from our car. It’s an odd existence, when you think about it: Living life only from our homes and our places of work. When you think about it like that and realize how limiting it is, it does make you want to get out and see the city some more!

– Emily Rome

Photo: The Los Angeles River. Credit: FlickrLickr / Wikimedia Commons

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