Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hidden L.A. Visits Telling L.A.'s Story

ON WEDNESDAY night, we will be lucky to have with us, W. Lynn Garrett, the curator of Hidden L.A., a website/Facebook page dedicated to not skimming the surface but "looking deeper"  Take a spin through her website and check in over at the Hidden L.A. Facebook page to see what sorts of discussions have taken place on the site and on her wall.

Remember: L.A. is a difficult place to define in a few words and people have such personal and passionate opinions about the which makes Garrett's task, at times, feel enormous as the city's end-to-end expanse. She's used to managing complex, thorny discussions as many of us get about threading through nasty traffic. It's part of life here -- and the destination is worth the trip.

Come in and be prepared to chat with her about what it's been life to create a "virtual" conversation with Angelenos spread out around the globe. She's ready to field your questions.

-- L.G.

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