Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Sounds in Los Angeles

"Single Fins & Safety Pins" by Japanese Motors was a song I never knew I had until just today when it popped up on my iTunes shuffle. I'd probably downloaded it for free in some distant time of my musical wanderings online, and it got lost in the mix. For a moment, I considered switching the track until I listened closer to the lyrics and found that it was a song written about summer in Los Angeles. 

What I found was that the music video and lyrics replicated much of what we've talked about in class: this glamorized idea of LA, where beach babes suntan abundantly and you can "kick your shoes off and just unwind". Once outside of the clutches of congested freeways, the band members sing out their love for a carefree beach-bound summer. 

I thought the music video was funny, with its 50s-inspired glam vintage look that my generation tends to wistfully attempt to replicate. The video's got this rebel-without-a-cause feel with the band members rockin' out oceanside. Even when the waves try to overtake them, they keep on jamming, breaking guitars and mounting fury against the forces that rise against the sounds of their song. I don't quite understand why all the musical equipment need go to waste in such an unnecessary way, but some might say differently. Perhaps they are true to the spirit of Los Angeles: a distinctive voice that refuses to be suppressed. Or, they could be unfortunate perpetrators of the pretentiousness associated with L.A. and the music industry.  

Either way you see it, the song and video still merits enjoyment. Although it may not be a true representation of all our lives in Los Angeles, I can definitely appreciate the fun-loving spirit and carefree attitude on a hot, summer day at the beach that this song embodies. 

Single Fins & Safety Pins by Japanese Motors

Well I'm stuck on the 405
Red lights, traffic... I don't really dig that vibe
Trying my best to carry on
But the traffic's, no fun, in the summer
I come on down

To the beach where the sun shines
Kick your shoes off and enjoy some wine
When the sun is shining in the summer
The summer time...
More the merrier, don't be a bummer
Dance like the waves of summer
Thank your momma for the summertime
The summertime

Drop your pants and grab your shades
And those single fins
Tell your girl to grab her suit
Weell come on...make it soon
We got time..the weather is fine,
To lay around all day
Hey dudes...what about that new swell
It's going to be breaking in the bay

Do you see the sun when it shines
Don't you know you can get so wild
When the sun is shining in the summer
The summertime...
More than ever, don't be a bummer,
Dance like the waves of summer
Well the sun is shining 
The summertime

I don't even know how much pain you've put me through
I just want to tell you baby
I'm giving up on you

To the beach where the sun shines
Kick your shoes off and enjoy some wine
When the sun is shining in the summer
The summertime...
Don't got a bike, you can borrow mine
You get drunk off and enjoy wine
When the sun is shining in the summertime
The summertime

-- Jennifer Pellerito

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